About Us

We develop, market, implement, advise and outsource services to companies, through our own Midasoft software, developed with state-of-the-art technology and highly qualified human beings.

Business mission
Develop innovative solutions that allow integrating and optimizing company processes to strengthen and improve people management.
business vision
Práxedes by the year 2027, will be a multi-Latin company making innovative solutions based on new technologies available to the market, with a highly qualified human team that will allow satisfying the near and future needs of the market.
Core purpose
Develop innovative technological solutions for the market, oriented towards data integration and flexibility, taking the best customer experience to the next level.
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Integrated Management System

Security policy of the information

It is the policy of Práxedes Midasoft Group to guarantee the security of the information, carrying out a continuous management of risk identification, the establishment of the necessary controls, and the training of the interested parties to ensure good practices related to the confidentiality, availability and integrity of the information, considering among these, the fulfillment of the legal and regulatory requirements and the commitment with the continuous improvement of the system.


It is the policy of Práxedes Midasoft Group, to provide clients with updated software, the necessary training for proper use, the support to guarantee the functioning and continuity of its operations, having for this, competent and committed personnel that respond to the needs manifested and propose continuous improvements to the system.

Our values


We are knowledgeable, and we know what we are doing.


We are transparent in our relationships, both internal and external.


We comply with what was agreed, we are respectful of the assigned times.


We know that we are a fundamental part of a process, we opt for teamwork.


Feeling identified with what we do, creating and maintaining emotionality at the top and transmitting that motivation.


Commitment to the company, be friendly and inspiring.


Always look for assertive solutions. We know that we all owe it to our customers.


We are resourceful and curious in the search for solutions.