Payroll and Human Management Software.

With Midasoft, you will be able to acquire software designed for the needs of your company, adapting to the specific characteristics of each payroll.

We have the most complete tool for payroll management and human management of your company. With Práxedes Midasoft you can have:

Manage the payroll of your employees and everything related to Payroll settlements and payments, including all the transactional part of the news. Social Security, UGPP Report, Social Benefits, Final Settlements, Withholding at Source for wages providing reliable and accurate information.
Midasoft Payroll gives you:


Easily and quickly transmit your employees’ electronic payroll information to the DIAN, under Colombian law.

We are a technological platform specializing in electronic payroll, with the best software solution available on the market in terms of usability, flexibility, performance and security.

We constantly update our solution, covering the different constant law changes present in terms of electronic payroll regulations.

With Midasoft electronic payroll you will have:

      • Easy and fast transmission, without the need for flat files, we directly transmit the electronic payroll to the DIAN.
      • Zero implementation costs.
      • Direct integration with the self-query module.


Midasoft offers comprehensive Human Resource Management software with a set of modules developed to help you achieve your organization’s strategic goals.

What can I manage with Midasoft HCM?

With our software you can manage:

    • Payroll
    • Organizational management
    • Selection and hiring
    • Applicant Module
    • Curriculum vitae
    • Business welfare
    • Evaluation and performance
    • Employee training
    • Organizational environment

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